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Special Events

DrillFest: A mastery of military precision skills, and also hugely enjoyable!

The honour guards of the CCC get together to demonstrate their skills and expertise to the public in Prague. ‘DrillFest‘ is a traditional event which began in 2006 to celebrate the Day of the Czech Army which falls on 30th June. The honour guards perform ceremonies that prove their excellence in preforming drills and knowledge in handling arms, self-composure before their peers and pride in their uniforms, all to the delight of both the invitees and bystanders.

It is obvious from the reaction of the Czech audiences that 'DrillFest' tends to be a considerable success and has more than achieved its purpose of entertaining and thrilling its audience.


Drill team of Honor Guard of the Czech Armed Forces


Drill team of Honor Guard of the Austrian Armed Forces


The feast of military bands in Olomouc and Kroměříž

In 1992, the Moravian cities of Olomouc and Kroměříž first became the venues to the International Military Bands Festival. Since then, military orchestras from all countries associated in the CCC club played in the festival. The festival enjoys a high attention of visitors appreciating inventive show programs performed by individual bands, which are particularly remarkable for the typical melodiousness of national songs. Another great spectacle the festival can offer are show programs by honour guard members, who perform as part of the so-called grand parade shows together with the military bands.

The festival also includes individual concerts by foreign bands, especially church and promenade concerts. The military bands festival is a major event that presents the Czech Armed Forces and indeed the Czech culture, and, importantly, reaches out to the public. The Czech Armed Forces seeks to continue organising this musical feast.


Bratislava Military Band performing in Olomouc during International Festival.


Koblenz Military Band also participating in the International Festival of Military Bands.