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Service Bands

Service Bands of the Czech Armed Forces

Service Bands of the Czech Armed Forces deliver musical support not only to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, but also the wider Defence Community.  Military Bands perform both throughout the Czech Republic and abroad in military ceremonies as well as supporting a variety of concerts, international activities, and community relations.  They are the public face of the Czech Armed Forces and support national interests and traditions around the globe.

Military bands provide the musical background during official events including state arrivals, military funerals, oath-taking and commemorative ceremonies and Honour Guard training. They conduct public performances in support of military public relations and recruitment activities, such as street parades and concerts. They serve the needs of the President, the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet, the Members of Parliament, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces.

The Central Band of the Czech Armed Forces was founded in 1950 as a representative military orchestra. While the Central Band of the Czech Armed Forces can perform as a full concert band or a marching band, it emphasizes highly-capable small ensembles, such as The Brass Quintet and Brass Sextet, Brass Band, Big Band and Small Brass Ensemble, to support Defence community on special occasions.


Currently, the Chief Conductor is Lieutenant Colonel Jaroslav Šíp tightly cooperating with his deputy Major Patrik Spinek, also, Senior Conductor Major Josef Kučera and Conductor Captain Roman Hanzlík.


The Olomouc Military Band traces its heritage from the era of the Austrian Empire. Within the Olomouc Military Band, musicians perform in a variety of ensembles, such as The Brass Quintet, Small Brass Ensemble and Clarinet Quartet.


Nowadays, the Olomouc Military Band is led by Commander and Chief Conductor Major Gustav Foret and his deputy Captain Richard Czuczor.


Displaying a multitude of versatility, the bands are capable of performing in any musical setting. Whether playing the latest in concert repertoire, marching in military reviews and parades, performing music of former or contemporary works of Czech and Moravian composers. Also, they still keep a tradition of education concerts at schools alive.


The professional management of both the military bands of the Czech Armed Forces lies with the Chief Inspector of Military Bands, currently, Lieutenant Colonel Kamil Mezihorák.