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History of the Prague garrison

Originating in the 28th Infantry Regiment

The origins of honour military units in the Prague garrison stem from the 28th Infantry Regiment founded in 1698 in the Netherlands. It was permanently relocated to Bohemia in 1770 and in 1817 it overtook the Prague military recruitment area. For this reason it was later called “the Prague Children”. When the Czechoslovak Republic was established in October 1918, the 28th Infantry Regiment facilitated a peaceful transfer of power to the Czechoslovak National Committee. An honour company was also formed, becoming the first honorary unit of the nascent Czechoslovak Armed Forces.

After disbandment of the Czechoslovak Armed Forces in March 1939, ceremonial and guarding duties of the Castle Guard and the honour unit were overtaken by the 1st Battalion of the newly created Government Troops. This battalion was stationed in the Štefánik barracks at Smíchov.

The honorary name “of Prague Uprising”

After the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, the Honour Unit of the re-established 28th Infantry Regiment took over the ceremonial duties. In October 1945, the 80th Guard Battalion was created and in March 1948 it acquired an honorary historical name “of Prague Uprising”. In October 1949, the battalion underwent reorganization and became the 80th Infantry Battalion which comprised of, among others, the Honour Company and the Central Band of the Czechoslovak Armed Forces.

The Prague Garrison Command re-established

In May 1992, the Honour Unit became the Honour Guard of the Prague Garrison Command. After the Prague Garrison Command was disbanded in July 2000, the Honour Guard Battalion of the Czech Armed Forces was transferred under the 6th Support Base of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. On April 1st, 2004, the 6th Support Base was abolished and the Honour Guard of the Czech Armed Forces consisting of two platoons, together with the Prague Garrison Band, became a part of the re-established Prague Garrison Command. Since January 1st, 2005, the units have been all-volunteer. The Honour Guard Battalion of the Czech Armed Forces was formed again on October 10, 2008.


Former President Václav Havel welcoming French Ex-President François Mitterrand.


Ex-President Válav Klaus during protocol ceremony accompanied by Guard of Honor.


President Miloš Zeman during wreath laying ceremony at Vítkov Nation Monument.