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The Structure off the Prague Garrison Command






Dignity, precision and grace

Members of the Honorary Guard of the Czech Armed Forces undergo demanding training focused on perfect demeanour and a mastery of all gun and flag drills. The ultimate goal for the unit is to move in perfect harmony. Their impressive performance is attained through a continuous process of preparation as well as each individual’s sense of responsibility for the final outcome. Apart from this specialised training, the Honour Guard members undergo - along with all other servicemen of the Czech Armed Forces – basic military training which comprises of preparation for all kinds of activities. Furthermore, they participate in a field training organised in military training facilities.


Staff of Honor Guard Battalion



1st Company of Honor Guard Battalion



2nd Company of Honor Guard Battalion



Tones eliciting rhythm and elegance

The Honour Guard of the Czech Armed Forces cooperates with Czech Armed Forces Central Band and the Military Band Olomouc in all types of ceremonies and functions. The repertoire of both bands includes compositions and instrumentation both from classic wind music and original adaptations of all style periods of classic, popular and jazz music, film tunes, musicals and popular music. Besides the big brass orchestra of the Central Band’s symphonic orchestra, it also provides smaller ensembles such as the wind quintet, brass quintet and sextet, Brass Band, dance orchestra – the Big Band, small dance orchestra and small wind orchestra.

The Military Band Olomouc includes a brass quintet, small wind orchestra, Dixieland and a clarinet quarter.


Central Band of the Czech Armed Forces



Olomouc Military Band